It's as simple as it gets - Innovation should move forward not backwards. The modestwear industry has been stagnant for way too long and it was time for us to put our foot down. Months were spent on sketches, designs, and prototypes until we were completely satisfied with what we had created. The Spark half-zip top and Halo running hoodie were designed with you in mind. Coverage? Check. Function? Check. Style? Check. Neither design was fully complete until those three components were met. We introduce to you the most advanced modest activewear ever and this is JUST the beginning. Take a look at each design and story below.




The Halo running hoodie turned many heads when we unveiled its design. It features a stay-in-place scuba hood for extra warmth that can also function as a hijab - every hijabi's dream garment. The face opening is constructed with a durable elastic band for a secure fit around the face.. and when we say secure we mean it. The hood carries plenty of room inside giving you ultimate neck breatheability at the same time as it does comfort.

The Spark half-zip was designed with energy at its focal point. A striking design with functional movement gives you the most energizing workout possible. Spark has everything you look for in a workout garment while it's main feature is the side hip slits, which give you the front and back coverage you need while still allowing easy and free leg movement - without the ride up. What better way to test it out then by throwing it on Rahaf Khatib - a Runner's World cover finalist and avid marathon runner. Vibrant colorway options will have you feeling electrified in a heartbeat.



Make your fears fear you.






Prove the doubters wrong.




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