Sportswear Launch Tomorrow @ Noon ET.

Important launch update 5/24

Our modest sportswear will be available for preorder tomorrow at noon (eastern time). Many of you have asked how the preorders will go about, the expected delivery times, costs, etc.

Here's the breakdown:

Our company is still a little less than a year old and as a self-funded startup we've been able to grow tremendously thanks to your support. We'll be launching via, which is the same platform we used to launch our Cool Dry hijabs. Large production comes with large minimum order quantities and in order to produce both styles in all colors and sizes, including packaging + accessories, and delivery - we'll need to raise $26,000 in preorders. But don't confuse this as a donation- Kickstarter allows you to 'Pledge' towards the project and in return you'll receive a 'Reward' of your choice as soon as the production is complete. Our last project took only 3 days and we shipped our Cool Dry hijab to customers in over 50 countries around the world. We're extremely optimistic we can hit our goal. By preordering early via Kickstarter, you'll be getting up to a 10-30% discount off our projected retail cost.

As far as delivery goes, we'll be aiming to ship everything out by no later than September and turnaround times will depend mainly on how quickly our manufacturer can produce the sweaters. Worldwide shipping will be available.

We understand, you probably wouldn't want to wait THAT long.. but by backing us on Kickstarter you'll be doing more than just preordering sportswear. You'll be supporting our growth and helping us expand into something greater than this. Our mission is to innovate the long unchanged modestwear industry and one day go toe-to-toe with the giants like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, etc. We understand just as much as anyone how difficult it is to find modest, functional, and fashionable modestwear in todays market and we're doing our absolute best to change that. So we ask you to share this project with your family, friends, and colleagues to help our sportswear come to life! We cannot do this without you. 

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Yours truly,
The Veil Team


  • mai

    i am kinda confused about the preorder thing. so can i order now? and if yes when I shall receive my order exactly? thank you and what anout if i want to order in bulk?

  • Hanan Abdullah

    I’ve been waiting sooo long for this! Wish you guys a successful launch you have my support!!

  • Tehmina Cheema

    Please let me know when I can order. I will definitely be ordering!

  • Farzana Essak

    Def going to order good luck

  • Mazeen

    I’ll definitely be ordering some! Best of luck :)

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