Thank you for believing in us.

What a journey it has been.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for staying with us every step of the way. To all those who believed in and supported us, you will forever be embedded into the heart of our humble beginnings. We launched Veil with a goal to change how things work, how rules go unbroken, and how barriers never break. We promise, it's all just the beginning.. and the fun has just begun.

Bigger and greater things are on the way. More excitement, more creativity. More originality, more inspiration. Change doesn't come without effort and the team at Veil understands that as well as anyone. The desire to change, motivate, and inspire is what drives us and we're here to continue on this journey, because you matter and always will.

Your voice matters. What do you want us to create? What can we do to change the world? Leave your comment below.


  • nur aqilah

    love it :3

  • Nathalia


  • ruru

    Oh and well done and all the best :)

  • ruru

    fun, stylish and functional hijab wear- think adidas by stella mccartney- I would buy it all!

  • Laila

    Thank you guys for creating such a wonderful project. Long wait but it was worth it. Good luck with everything!!

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