What material are Cool Dry scarves made from?
100% Nylon

What is the difference between the shawl style and two-piece style?
Shawls are usually long, rectangular, and used for wrapping purposes, whereas a two-piece style consists of a smaller under piece, or headband, with a larger piece worn over it. Check product specifications for dimensions.

Can I wash it? If so, how?
Absolutely! The scarves don't need to be washed often, but when they do, we advise in low temperatures.

Wash Warm, Gentle Cycle, With Like Colors Only, Only Non Chlorine, Bleach when needed, Remove Promptly, Tumble Dry Low, Warm Iron if needed.

What is the approximate lifespan of this scarf?
About 50 washes.

What should I do if oil spills on the fabric?
For best results, wash the stained area immediately after making contact with the fabric. Wash with warm water at semi-high speed until stain loses noticeability.

Will using pins effect the fabric or water repellent properties?
Using pins will not effect the fabric's water repellency. The fabric itself does an adequate job in regards to pin 'snagging'.

Can I swim with this hijab?
These scarves are not intended for swimming. They are meant to repel low pressures of water - and high pressures can penetrate the water resistant barrier.

What should I do once the hijab's water repellent properties wear off?
First Step: Cleaning. You can find washing instructions found on your product tag or in the washing instruction section of this FAQ.

Second Step: Applying Heat. Place the garment in a dryer set for low or medium heat for 10-15 minutes.