Welcome to the future

The vision started in December of 2013. We live in a technology driven world from athletic apparel giants all the way down to the work-force. It's a new day and age where advancement is customary.

Athletic companies have been producing weather performance gear for decades now. Fire fighters and astronauts have specially crafted suits to help them overcome the roughest temperatures and conditions. Technology is shifting rapidly throughout the apparel industry and we believe that the world of modest-wear needs it too.

At Veil, we promise to continue to bring innovation to the table and revolutionize the way women wear the hijab and modest apparel. Our vision not only encompasses the need to make modestwear more comfortable and functional, but to motivate and inspire women around the globe to follow and accomplish whatever goals they dream of.

Our pioneer development, the Cool Dry hijab, is simply the most advanced and unprecedented hijab in the world. Countless hours, days, weeks, and months were put into the Cool Dry and modest activewear projects - and the rest is history. Learn more on Kickstarter and see how we continue to make worldwide headlines.

Buckle up. This is the beginning of something great.

Blast off.